Heritage Polo reflects on polo history, fashion & art. Fashion is the core part of this unique event. As it revives polo from the 1900s and makes it come alive in 2013.

Barbara Patricia Zingg defined this event through her Fashion Design skills, studied in Milano, Italy working in collaboration with Liberty Freedom UK, and Fashion Designer & Tailor, Upender Mehra.

Barbara Patricia Zingg with Upender Mehra of Liberty Freedom UK posing after a very successful tournament in 2011.

Charlotte Christodoulou - face of HERITAGE POLO 2012. Presenting the British Raj Look in one of Liberty Freedom UK pieces
Ascot Top Hat Pith Helmet and holding a polo mallet inspired by victorian flowers in gold.

Side Saddle Habit UMPIRE - fabric from O.H Hewett, tailored by Liberty Freedom of the United Kingdom
part of the he Heritage Polo Collection 2012.

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